Ben was practically a brother to me, i have had so many memories with him some of which are mainly created from parties at mine, where hes sat in the large plant pot or hes saying to my mum that he isn’t a smoker when he has a fag currently in his hand, which hes trying to hide behind hes back, or the next day we were all making pancakes and he absolutely adored my mum, so he decided to take pancakes in bed to her, nobody else got a second looking. Ben just always knew what the right thing to say to me was. He was that person that i didn’t have to talk to for weeks but i always knew that he was there. There are so many memories that i could say about this boy but it would just go on forever. He is always going to be family to me and nobody will ever replace the amazing person that Ben was. R.I.P Benjamin Roberts, you crazy boy <3 Love L xxx

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