I only got to know Ben for a year, but a year was far far more than enough time to understand and find out what sort off person Ben was, Ben was the sort off person who would liven up a dull day, always come down and have his smile beaming on his face, Ben was taken from everyone that loved and cherished him far to young, knowing Ben and knowing how Ben made a impact on my life and his friends life is something I won’t ever see in another person, Ben was honestly the loveliest, funny, happy guy I’ll ever meet and nothing could ever top his spirit or his personality, Ben will always be missed but never forgotten, ben your always loved by so many people who have an unending amount off love for you, you’re special to so many people and nothing will ever take away the feeling of having you gone, we will never forget you and we will never not have a day without you in our minds, I love you buddy, you maybe gone but your not forgotten, not now, not ever, you’ll always have a place in everyone’s hearts, love you Ben, sleep tight buddy, rest in peace ❤️

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