Miss you Ben x

Oh Ben, you did make me laugh hysterically. Going in and out of the exams with you everyday and having you sit behind me in pretty much every dreaded exam was such a pleasure and your little comments as we walked in and out, day by day, just really made the exams something to look forward to and laugh about. Your jokes as soon as you left the hall just brightened my whole day :’)

Our midnight ‘would you rathers’ will never fail to make me happy and smile. Those vimtos that you always had in your pocket will forever be the best sweets that were ever created, I am so grateful for every single one you gave me and I’m pretty sure I returned the favor with the bag of caramel nibbles we ate through and continuously made the joke of calling them ‘caramel nipples’. And don’t get me started on your amazingly red face that made you unmissable of course.

You were a highlight of my John Colet School experience and the start of my college one too. I miss seeing you standing outside everyday as I walked through the doors and seeing your lovely smile.

I will never forget you Ben and you will live in my heart forever. All my love goes to your incredible family and friends. You touched so many people’s hearts, so many people truly love you. See you again soon, Ben, love you lots.

Rosie xxx

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