My Pitch Perfect Buddy

I have known Ben since we were in year 7. Ben and I had a very big obssession with Pitch Perfect, when we had business studies we would always have a time where we sang the acapella version of ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’. It always made me laugh as he got so into singing all the songs from Pitch Perfect. Ben would always count me in and i would start the ‘zum zum zum zum zum’ and then Ben would do the drums dramatically, which always made me smile. Ben always attempted the high pitched chorus ‘Since you’ve been gooooooone’ which to my surprise managed to hit. He always used to tell me his favourite song was the Bella’s championship final song ‘Price Tag/Don’t you (forget me), Just the Way You Are, Give Me Everything/ Just The Way You Are, Party in the U.S.A./ Turn The Beat Around’ Ben knew every single lyric and dance move to each song, which was very impressive.

Most of my lessons I sat next to Ben and he never failed to make me laugh, with weird but wonderful videos he used to show me and try to mimic. The best video we both laughed so much on was where there were different types of fruit but would say them in a weird way, if either Ben or myself would say ‘Peshh’ we would burst out with laughter every time. I remember is business studies (where he sat next to Aimee and I for 3 years) we pointed out a spider and Ben screamed so high pitch and jumped, Aimee and I looked and him in surprise to how scared he really was.

I will always remember when we walked to the bus and insisted me to listen to his music and putting is headphone in my ear but i always said to him “It’s fine Ben, I can hear it from where I am”. He always had his music on full volume and it didn’t seem to bother him.
I will never forget you my Pitch Perfect buddy, you made my days at school more enjoyable with your funny faces and singing many, many songs that I will always remember you by. Thank you for making me laugh and smile. You are always in my heart xx

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