So many memories

Oh Ben I remember the time when You whipped me up some pancakes and bought me breakfast in bed, the times I would rib you about seeing you in the school toilets … It’s ok your secret is still safe with me!! And the numerous times you would swear down on me that you wernt doing anything wrong. The lack of bananas was a clue tho!! Seeing you all lying on my sofas, my garden chair, even my flower pots brings back so many good memories.
It seems like yesterday that your mum, me , Lauren and you were dancing in the village school hall together. The four musketeers. Your mum and I seemed to have a knack of embarrassing you but that’s why we had such a bond. Ben my enforced hugs to you used to make you go Crimson but the day you hugged me in my room and smiled , knowing the pain I was suffering, made me realise what an amazingly warm thoughtful and funny young man you had become. Ben, thank you for being you. It’s my turn now to smile and virtual hug you back. Xx


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