The brother i never had

There are no words to what has happened over the weekend but I’d love to tell you all a little bit about Ben.
He was the happiest person I have ever come across. He’d always be smiling as a child, even after face planting on the floor when we all went on holiday as a baby. Everyone knows Ben for his incredibly cheesy smile. He could brighten up your day instantly with his hilarious sense of humour and was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to. Ben was an incredibly supportive person and would help anyone if he could, and I’ve always admired him so much for that.
Ben has always been like my little brother since the day he was born and I’ve grown up with him and James and have so many memories with him. I remember when I was about 7 years old and Ben was 5, we would always be running around laughing at silly things. He had an incredibly kind heart which was shown at an incredibly young age, Ben would always let James and I be the “main characters” when we would act out TV programs, and let us pick the film we wanted to watch and take the bowl of sweets which was the most full. he would always give up anything for anyone as long as they were happy. I have never known such a sweet person.
I will never forget Bens laugh every time we would go to a safari park and a giraffe would spit into the car, or when Ben attempted to feed an ostrich and Wendy had to get out the car and take back the box after Ben had handed over the whole tub of animal food. When Ben and I would eat watermelon like a human needs oxygen, or laugh because Andrex had imprinted dogs on toilet roll. All the small things Ben would make memorable due to his loud squeaky laugh and due to that his face would turn the colour of a lobster. There’s not a memory I have of him where he isn’t smiling and I’m so lucky to be able to have that.
Ben was always incredibly understanding and to this day he still holds secrets I’ve told him I have yet to tell anyone else. I could always trust Ben, and I still do.
I’m so proud of Ben and all the things he has achieved in his life, he was amazing at cooking and loved skateboarding, he was the funniest person I know and he was an incredibly talented at being a genuine person (which so many people saw in him) who hoped to achieve great things for his family and for himself. Ben would always make a bad situation into a good one, even if that meant embarrassing me or James in front of people to make us all laugh. (Including the fact he would remind me weekly the first time I got drunk at New Years?)
He was and is loved by so many people and his family are being so incredibly strong and I know Ben appreciates every moment of it (as well as loving all of this attention from everyone!).
I’d love to be able to tell you all of the other funny memories I have of Ben but this post would honestly go on forever.
I will never be able to get over the fact I couldn’t say goodbye properly, but the last time I saw him he gave me a massive hug and said I’ve been a great sister to him, and I will remember that forever.
RIP my amazing little brother.

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