You and your skinny jeans, Pitch Perfect, małe pomidory, and the dreaded spider…

I would always see you in the mornings at Aylesbury train station when you were on your way to college, you’d always stop and we’d have a chat and generally catch up, and you’d always make me laugh for one reason or another!! I remember seeing you at the train station on that Thursday and you told Joel and I how much you were loving college, your only complaint was that you weren’t allowed to wear skinny jeans anymore! I laughed so hard when you told me it and it still never fails to make me smile.

I loved being at school with you and sitting with you so Business Studies is definitely one of the highlights of my time at Colet. I remember how you, Lidia and I would always start singing ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ from Pitch Perfect and we’d always sing without caring how bad we sounded or who heard us. It always made me laugh!

Another memory I have from Business Studies (there are countless hilarious moments with you, particularly in Business) is when Lidia and Aimee taught us all some Polish (małe pomidory=little tomatoes) and we all kept cracking up for no reason whatsoever. You always had the ability to light up the dullest of rooms and make even the most miserable people smile.

This nicely leads me onto the tale of the dreaded spider… I remember once there was a spider crawling around on the floor next to you in business as we were packing up to leave and you screamed the girliest scream I’ve ever heard in my life and practically jumped 6 feet in the air. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen and we were all laughing so much and I laughed so hard I cried and could barely breathe.

I have so many more memories with you but these are just a few of my favourites!! Thank you so much for giving me such happy memories of you and for being such an amazing friend to us all. I really miss you but I’ll always be grateful for the time that I did get to spend with you and I know I’m incredibly lucky to have been able to do that and to have all of these wonderful memories of us. I can never even begin to thank you enough for being so marvelous in an infinite number of ways and I hope that you’re happy wherever you are and that you keep smiling. I also hope you’re ready for a ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ reunion one day!! 🙂

All my love, now and always,
Kayleigh xxx

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